Bauhaus inspired illustrations

Bauhaus 100 year poster

Bauhaus 100 year poster

Wassily chair

“Das Haus” – geometric shape apartment



A man drinks whiskey

Inspired by Bruno House in Tel Aviv, Israel


Avraham Soskin house in Tel Aviv, Israel

Starting a journey

As a big fan of reading historical articles, it was a great moment to read a small chapter about the Bauhaus movement on sunny Saturday morning with my son. We may hear the term Bauhaus at least for some reason. However, people may not clearly answer what the hack is Bauhaus and what characteristics we could find from there. My Bauhaus journey started with this question – What is Bauhaus and how has it influenced us (designer and non-designer)?

Bauhaus in isometric

The isometric style is the most effective way to express simple, straight lines with a unique perspective. I created several illustrations with the isometric style, but this works really well to create modern architectures as well as products. For that reason, all illustrations on this page were built up based on the isometric style and it was really fun. Sometimes it is tricky to create curvy lines such as Soskin house’s curved edge, but it works as a unique and attractive visual point in the illustration.


I choose a very high contrast color palette mostly, except condominium illustration. The reason is bold, high contrast colors would be well fit to describe modern, minimal design due to its characteristics.

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