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Logo design

When I saw his campaign logo which is outdated now, my first impression was ‘not bad.’ However, he wanted to have more ‘serious’ tone and represents ‘the state of Illinois’ on a newly designed logo. It might be very straightforward to me because he already has his brand colors which are orange and navy(I would say) and I could figure out his philosophy – “I, Bob Morgan, am a representative of the 58th district in Illinois.”

Based on his request and my assumption, I wanted to go traditional looking logo that typically has an eagle, stripes, stars but couldn’t make it. The one I created looked like a youth soccer team logo or local private security logo. So, I tried to change my logic to the southern part of Illinois – Springfield.

The building is the capitol of Illinois and I derived stripes and 13 stars from Illinois state flag as a background. However, that stripes and stars did not distinct from foreground which is a building and it looked too complex as a logo. I wanted to make some space between foreground and background by offsetting the capitol with the white background color.

For the typeface, I thought serif works much better than san-serif which evoke modern, minimal looking – that’s not I wanted here.

Logo design for Bob Morgan


Conceptual landing page design

For this, I would like to make it dynamic, minimalistic, as well as very professional looking which is very important for those who are working for a public. To achieve that, I thought skewed rectangle could be working to represent his energetic, forward-looking attitude toward the people in the 58th district. Also, I picked a hero image – speaking to the public with a mild face – to give some kind of friendly but professional looking. Finally, I used the big, bold typeface for the number 58 to emphasize he is working for the people who live in the 58th district in Illinois.

Bob Morgan’s concept landing page created with Sketch ap

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