Canaan church redesign – 2019

Renovated frontpage hero section

Added category series based on the most used tags

A redesigned single page with adding the featured image as a background. This page shows fallback image which I used illustrator’s default pattern.


Footer has plenty of negative space which I intended visitors could take a rest at the bottom

Photo gallery with masonry grid system

Church staffs intro section


A church is not just for the religious place, but it is also the center of the community for the Korean-Americans. Many people visit a church to get to know each other and it is a place to share happiness, sadness as well as daily life. When I decided to design a website, my initial concept was focusing on its main function which is spreading the message. Anyone can visit the church’s website and have the right to enjoy the benefits of God. All visitors have rights to see the church’s activities on a gallery page without creating an account, password. The pastor agreed with my concept and I have been updating the Canaan church’s website since 2015.

1. Function
: As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the main function of a church website would be delivering the message. I mainly focused on that and used WordPress’s innate media player function with the style echoing with the current website. More people keep accessing a website with their mobile devices so the site is optimized for mobile devices as well.

2. Consistency
: The pastor Kim and I agreed to set up the church’s brand colors. (The term brand color seems a bit inappropriate to apply for the church since the church is not a brand.) We set it up with dark navy color(#104675) as the main brand color,  and minimize other colors except for light grey color. A Korean typeface, the name is “IropkeBatang”  was adapted to display Korean. Throughout the entire site, I applied this rule in order to keep the site’s consistency.

Brand colors, typeface

3. Clarity and simplicity
: This might be the most focusing area while I was designing and creating the site. Some people might say that minimalism is dead, but I believe it is still alive and settled down deep in our daily life. The simple and function-oriented design is still popular in many areas and the companies, like Bang and Olufsen, BMW, Apple, still keep maintaining simplicity, minimal looking as their brand identity. As a huge fan of minimalism, I wanted to create simple but functionally 100% working site

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