CTIA show booth design

CTIA booth design

UP Mobile 2015 CTIA booth

Work with BA exhibit, Design graphic elements with illustrator

CTIA show is the largest wireless exhibit in the U.S., and held every year in Las Vegas. This time I worked with BA exhibit, San Francisco based exhibit specialty company, and designed graphic elements for the booth. It was the first time to work with other professional company and I learned many things. The spot was 20 x 20 size and there were 4 work stations with computer monitors so that we could show the movie clips that I created with After Effect to visitors.
Main theme of the booth is based on companies primary color which is green for UP Mobile and yellow for H2O Wireless, UP Mobile’s primary partner.

With After Effect, I created short company introducing animation and inspired with flat vector animation. So, I draw some graphic elements such as trophy, hand, badge, trucks…with illustrator. As always I did with AE, paring with vector clip is the most fun part for me even though it looks sometime too childish.

CTIA UP Mobile entire booth

CTIA monitor screen

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