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Elegant Dental in Bayside, New York has had the website which was built in early 2000(!!) and it has been retrogressed modern web design trend completely because it is not an optimized for mobile devices at all, didn’t follow HTML guideline, images are pixelated, didn’t consider user interface, no information hierarchy, no brand identity (colors, typography, logo, persona) and the domain name is not relevant to the business name. When I talked with the client initially, they just wanted to ‘redesign website’ but it was not that simple to redesign (I would say complete rebuilding) as they didn’t have identity even the logo. The client and I discussed this matter first because I believe it is impossible to design a new website without their brand identity and we decided to create a new brand identity, new web interface.



First of all, I would like to know why they want to have a new website as well as a new brand identity. To know that I surveyed to gather all the information before I roll up my sleeves. It was fairly easy to get it because they didn’t have a brand identity and we could free from the vestige of precedent. The questions were very straightforward and simple;

– Vision
– Value
– Personality (Who would it be if your brand were a person?)
– Target Audiences
– Promise
– Potential Competitors

Brand personality

Brand personality



As soon as I collected the information, I started to pick 3 keywords that could represent their business. Those 3 concepts were ‘Professionalism‘, ‘Peacefulness‘, and ‘Careful Treatments.
– Professionalism
: Without knowledge, abundant clinical experiences and professional attitude as a doctor, it is impossible to give medical treatments. This is why professionalism should be considered the most basic trait for all professional fields.
– Peacefulness
: Visiting hospital causes free-floating anxiety. So, many medical treatment facilities are trying to make patients comfortable and relaxing in a peaceful environment.
– Careful Treatments
: I thought ‘What would be the most important trait we could expect from full professional services?’ and It might be sort of feeling that being treated by professionals in a peaceful condition.

Elegant Dental persona chart

Persona Chart

3 brand colors

3 brand colors

Identity design

I researched various online reference sites such as dribbble.com, behance.net to get some ideas to design the logo. I wanted to see intuitive, clean, and meaningful visual identity rather than fancy, colorful, and complex shapes. Many samples have a similar concept – teeth shape and curvy lines around it and simple illustration on its root. I was focusing on simplicity, femininity, warmth to convey the primary concepts mostly. The chosen one is

Logo shaping

Logo shaping (teeth + heart)

Final approved logo with a tagline

Final approved logo with a tagline

Web Design

The overall design is pursuing minimal interface with very functional structure both information architecture and the contents. The client asked me that they don’t need any complicated functions, designs since they would like to manage only online reservations, introducing their special treatment. Based on their requesting, I compressed the contents on the first page as much as I could. For example, for Dr. Kim’s profile section, the client initially asked a separate page, but there’s not that much information and I thought another page would not have much impact on the visitors. Rather than having a single profile page, I put this section on the first page and linked with anchor points so that visitors can slide into this part when they click the about button on navigation.

I used the brand colors for consistency and tried to use the CSS3 gradient as well for some images, buttons, and texts.

Elegant Dental main page

Elegant Dental main page – There is a very subtle gradient pseudo overlay over the hero image.

Profile section

Profile section on the front page. I wanted to display her profile with bold typography.

Customized icons

6 custom illustrated icon set. I created it based on the logo.

Special treatment page

Invisalign Treatment which is invisible brace and this is one of Dr. Kim’s professional fields.

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