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What does Halloween mean to us…??

Probably it was 2 years ago. I was home at that time and it was just right after arriving home after leaving office. Someone rang a bell (it is very unusual because no one visit my house without calling before they visit) and I didn’t answer as always I did. He kept rang a bell and I opened the door. A young girl was stand there and she asked me candies. I didn’t have anything and I actually didn’t prepare anything intentionally since I don’t know what Halloween day it is. “Do you want to have a potato instead a candy?” I wanted to ask her but she was so nice “It’s okay, have a great evening !”

After 2 years later, my son became almost 6 years old and he knows more than me about these type of things. All I can do is just creating short animation for not only my son but also all people around me either online or offline. That’s why I created this short animation with illustrator, after effects and premiere.

Among 6 characters, I really like joker and spent the most time to animate joker and the batman – specially transition from joker to batman and batman to “Billy.” It might be unusual scenery for Halloween day since there’s no evil pumpkin what so ever, but I don’t think all halloween image should be like that.

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