Hero illustration and animation for Manifest LLC.


One day the client, CEO of the Manifest, LLC, reached me through my social channel. Luckily, he liked my illustration, animation style and wanted to work together to create their newly designed website. The company is based in Chicago, the University of Chicago especially, they provide a service that transferring active and inactive 401k from the old account to the new account when the customers move to a new job. The concept is somewhat complex and needs to simplify it with illustration and animation to easy to digest for the public. That was my job in this project.


Since I did the project as a freelance illustrator and animator, I needed to understand their business philosophy, what they want to achieve in this project, and their brand identity guidelines as well. Luckily, the company was very active in this project and provided all the information I was wondering. Their app UI, colors, typography, even initial visual concept! These helped me a lot to concentrate on this project and I could develop the concept with sketching fastly.


I did several sketchings based on the document they provided for me. The overall concept was showing both inactive and active account, and they are converted to meaningful result through a sort of machine which represents the company. Below 5 sketchings are the closest ones to the final one.


Based on the final confirmed sketching which is the 3rd sketching above 5 sketchings, I created an illustration for the animation below. The client and I both wanted to make it simple, minimal and easy to understand with simple shapes, limited color usage.


To create the animation, I used original illustrator files as much as I can and created shape layers for the balls, graphs, monitors, etc. The most challengable part was dealing with 3 monitors since they had a blank screen initially and the graphs were moving as the balls drop into the machine. The client asked me “please minimize the blank screen if possible”, and I reduced its opacity at the beginning and increasing value as the balls drop into a machine.

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