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kindergarten logo design

Little University logo design

kindergarten branding mockup

Mockup image for brand identity

kindergarten business cards

Two different versions


50 blue background and 50 yellow background


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kindergarten website graphic works

Graphic art works for website

Local kindergarten branding and website design

Little University is located in Buffalo Grove, IL and has been taking care children around 10 years currently. A client draw the logo by herself and old website was designed poorly since it was too old fashioned and used just bunch of WordPress plugins to build up the site. Initially we made a contract to rebuild website, but I decided to create a new website with new brand identity. It was the first branding experience I’ve ever but was really fun and valuable experience.

Reliability and happiness

For the logo, I didn’t want to make it looks like any other child facilities. – (Sun, trees, children, leaves, rainbow etc.) I wanted to focus on reliability and brightness of this kindergarten by combining high contrast colors and images. I believe one of the most important thing to set up brand identity is choosing right colors which reflect business philosophies. So I asked to director “what are the most important values to run your kindergarten?” She answered “happy, healthy, and safety.” I was looking for strong visual identity but should be well balanced with business and ended up a medieval castle.

Mobile Friendly Design

As always I did, I focused on creating mobile friendly web design because old website didn’t have that feature. In addition to that, I wanted to make a site not just looking good, but also functional features such as compressing images, scripts, styles and following W3 web standard. Here’s a list that I did for this website.

  • Adopted 1280px Grid system – extended 1440px
  • Maximized SCSS mixins and partials (media query)
  • Used an hero image instead carousel for better UX
  • Minifying all JS and CSS files for faster loading time
  • Integrated simple javascript plug-in for responsive menu
  • Used SVG for graphic works

Creating graphic art works

I illustrated all graphic elements to explain philosophies, programs, and 404 pages. The reason was I didn’t want to use font icon because of its “deindividuation.” Everybody uses same icons and I thought that was not creative process at all. As a designer, creating images with my own style is much valuable than using open source icons.

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