Life and drinking

when we were really young

We start drinking by sucking feeding bottle

keep calm and study harder

After getting age, we change interesting from a milk to a soda.


As soon as we realized the life is not that sweet, we would move to alcoholic beverages

the twlight years

At the end of our journey, we back to pure water.

Thought about our life

One day, I was drinking a glass of wine, as always I did. I suddenly realized that it would be meaningful and it could have messages if I could reflect our life into the beverages we have been drinking. After having some thinking, I decided to start our journey with drinking milk. Perhaps all of us started our life-sucking a feeding bottle or drinking mother’s milk. The feeding bottle is meaningful for both babies and parents. It means the beginning of our life and the most important activity to survive.

As time goes by, we are growing up and our interesting move on to a sweet one – soda. When I was around 10 to 18, probably, I was living like addicted to the coke. I wouldn’t say it is bad or not, but I liked it a lot more than drinking milk.

I was not a big fan of alcoholic beverages even after passing the legal age drinking alcoholic beverage. At some point, I would say I figure out it is fun to drink while I’m eating something. Pairing a glass of red wine with well-grilled meat, having Korean rice-wine with Korean style pizza, or Japanese Sake with Sashimi or Sushi are the great combination to enjoy the food.

Last but not least, the last scene is the first concept initially. Having a medicine with pure water is just a typical scene we could see from elder people’s routines. For whatever reason, the human body will be weakened and need to take medicine. It is both sad and natural flow, toward death.

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