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Realtor portfolio

Not just designers need a portfolio to show their achievements. There are tons of people and business need a portfolio to get more customers – it could be a chef to let his or her special recipe to public just little bit or they might post the latest media sources to promote a business. What about a realtor? People need a realtor to either buy or sell their property and it is crucial to work with a reliable and talented realtor. (Real estates are the most expensive we could purchase in our lives…at least ordinary people)

How those people choose a good realtor? Typically, A word of mouth, newspaper advertisement, architect or interior magazine and more way to contact realtors. However, those are a kind of traditional way, not a fancy source to appeal realtor’s achievement. This type of animated video can get more attention compare conventional ways.

Based on that concept, I created this Promotional video with Unsplas free stock photos. The main focus of this video is showing realtor’s achievements or assets portfolio. It is simple but I believe this type of videos has strong impact on the market.

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