Email and landing page design for Ravinia 2017 – concept

Ravinia landing page and email

Proposal, concept for Ravinia festival 2017

HTML5, SCSS, Stellar.js, Scrollorama.js, Google material font icons
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Proposal for Ravinia 2017

Recently, I met a manager of interactive communication at the Ravinia festival and went over their current website, email newsletter, and blog pages. While we were doing that, I showed him my concept about a musician Paul Galbraith who will perform classical guitar pieces at Ravinia this May.

Combining email marketing and leading visitors to a landing page is no more new marketing technique. This is a typical process of digital marketing to increase sales. Regardless Ravinia’s policies, marketing strategies, I just want to show my thoughts regarding a classical music as well as demonstrate my design and developing skills.

The site is based on HTML5 and CSS, of course, it has been compiled with SCSS, and some jquery scripts – Stellar.js and Scrollorama.js (I deeply appreciate to the authors). Since web design trend has been stick with long scrolling still, interactivity while scrolling would be important to grab attention. For this reason, I applied those two scripts for this project and succeeded to get “reaction” from the manager at Ravinia.

Although this is a just concept and not for the commercial which means it is still hibernating, it was really pleasure and honor to create it. All photos, contents are from Paul Galbraith’s personal web page and Ravinia logo is a trademark of Ravinia Festival.

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