Simple promotional animation

joker wicked animation

Once a customer hit the button, the joker has a wicked smile

spitting out incompatible products

Printer compatibility issue – spitting out


2 inspector inspect the products meticulously

returning is easy

This shows easiness of returning, exchanging purchased product

flying over the starred sky

I put wings on a box and made it flying over the sky

Never stops promotional animation!

I believe one of the most effective marketing platforms are definitely social media. Of course, some people don’t have any single social media account, but I’m talking about the majority. There are endless possibilities on various social media and we, as a designer, have to maximize it as one of our various tools connecting to outside. Photographies, illustrations, plain texts, video and there are various ways to deliver the message to the public but animation would be the most effective way among them.

I have done several motion graphic projects as both in-house and freelance designer. This time, as an in-house designer, I created a promotional animation for ink and toner company based on Atlanta. It is basically for promoting their new e-commerce site and I described their business in a simple way – bright colors, humorous content, visual elements, and effects.

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