Whiteboard Animation Project


ActnPay Whiteboard Animation

Tools : Adobe After Effect, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and my hand, sketchbook, marker

One day, my manager showed me white board animation and he said that….”I like it.” What else I could do? I immediately tried to find out how to make this animation, and saw some sample clips. After that, we set up story plot and started preliminary sketching on a sketchbook with pencil. I went over that pencil sketch with marker, scanned it and tracing it with illustrator. It took some time to create, but was really great and fun experience I’ve ever done as a graphic designer.

dongkyu -whiteboard animation 1

dongkyu -whiteboard animation 2

dongkyu -whiteboard animation 3

dongkyu -whiteboard animation 4

dongkyu -whiteboard animation 5

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